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Our Design & Build services are aimed at giving you the opportunity to be more involved in the process of bringing new life to our urban forest.

At Port Arthur Woodcraft we strongly believe in the rewarding experiences of good design and try to give you the chance to share in that intricate, layered process.  Whether it is an idea that you came up with as a solution to a particular problem or it is an idea sparked by your favourite source for inspiration, we will work directly with you to bring that concept to reality.

Our Process

This process gives you the chance to express your own creative instincts while giving new life to an already storied, local natural resource.  This will leave you with a lasting finished product that is full of unique raw character and a rich history that can be shared for generations.  We will work with you as we go through all of the designing, drafting and building so that the finished product will remain a centerpiece in your space for years to come.

Featured Projects

Piano Headboard

This piece was inspired by a century old family piano that had reached the end of its life.  We were happy to be able to rescue the intricate detail in the original piece and re-purpose it as a bedroom centerpiece.

Sliding Barn Door

The boards for this door were reclaimed from an ancient equestrian barn that was removed and replaced with a brand new, fully equipped woodworking shop and tractor garage.

Custom dining tables

Each table is designed to fit in your space and to compliment your home aesthetic, leaving your family and your guests in awe.

Stained glass china cabinet

We are always excited to take the opportunity to work directly with other local artists and creators.  For this piece we had the privilege to be able to work with Thunder Bay stained glass artist Damon Dowbak.

featured image

Platform bed

This piece came together from a variety of locally harvested hardwoods and softwoods.  The headboard centerpiece was designed to be simple and modern but also to highlight the unique, natural colours and textures of the local silver maple.

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