Our Story

Port Arthur Woodcraft was founded in 2014 with the goal of developing a sustainable model to make use of the beautiful, natural raw materials that make up the Northwestern Ontario boreal forest and the local Thunder Bay urban forest landscapes.

We work directly with experienced local arborists to take a mindful approach to the sustainable and responsible harvesting of our revered natural resources. Every tree that has reached the end of its natural life tells its rich history through the unique shapes and elegant patterns that form its annual growth rings.  With a little bit of care and attention to detail, Port Arthur Woodcraft is able to bring new life to those decades of natural experience and give you the opportunity to continue to share those stories for generations to come.

Our Vision

At Port Arthur Woodcraft, our design process focuses on bringing warmth and beauty to your space.

We try to keep our designs minimalist and unobtrusive so that we can allow the exquisite, storied natural materials to take the focus and express themselves fully.  We take extra care in planning our projects so that we are able to use not just the cleanest and straightest lumber, but to highlight all of the raw colour and expressive twists and splits that the wood naturally takes.  This brings beautiful natural warmth and ensures that each piece is genuine and unique.  This also allows us to act more sustainably by design, minimizing waste and utilizing as much of our treasured natural resources as possible.


Sustainably Harvested, Local Lumber

Rutter Urban Forestry Brings Decades Of Arbourist Experience To Your Project

In 2020, Port Arthur Woodcraft teamed up with Rutter Urban Forestry in a universal effort to foster our strong beliefs in the value of our local Thunder Bay economy and local boreal forest resources.  For over 15 years, Rutter Urban Forestry has built a strong reputation as Thunder Bay’s leading arboriculture company.  Their emphasis on arboricultural sustainability through development, maintenance and nurturing blends well with our vision of maximizing the value added to our local resources.  At Port Arthur Woodcraft our products and services all have a unique story behind them and are truly Made From Thunder Bay.

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